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Welcome to Grillex Kolkata: your go-to for the best metal products. Our wide collections include invisible grills, metal partitions, metal railings, metal furniture, PVD-coated grills, and pergolas. We revolutionize contemporary interior design with a wide range of Invisible Grilles, backed by thorough market research and professional manufacturing. Elevate your space with our durable, versatile aluminum and galvanized steel products, offering soundproofing and fire resistance. Experience customer-centric service excellence and join Kolkata’s preferred choice for metal products.


Grillex stands as the ultimate choice for those seeking exceptional outdoor solutions. Our products boast unparalleled craftsmanship, meticulously constructed with premium materials to ensure durability and longevity. What sets Grillex apart is not just functionality, but also our innovative designs, which seamlessly blend style with practicality, elevating the aesthetic of any outdoor space. Moreover, we understand that each customer’s needs are unique, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of customization options, allowing you to tailor our products to your exact specifications. Experience the Grillex difference and transform your indoor and outdoor living space.


Trusted clients vouch for our locksmiths’ top-notch work and professionalism.


Accredited supplier, contractor of invisible grilles – we’ve got you covered!


Customizable designs, installations available with professional services for hire.


Dedicated team, professional installers and reps prioritize customer happiness.

 Welcome to the world of innovation and quality at Grillex, we offer unrivaled products that redefine safety and style. Join us on this journey of excellence and experience the future of design.

Subrata Kundu

Top Quality Metal Products: Grillex in Kolkata

In the bustling streets of Kolkata, amidst the rich tapestry of culture and commerce, stands a beacon of quality and innovation in metal products—Grillex. Renowned for its exquisite range of grills and allied metalware, Grillex has carved a niche in the city’s market concerning metal products.

1. Invisible Metal Grill Products

Elevate the safety and aesthetics of your windows and balconies with Grillex’s invisible grilles. Designed to blend seamlessly with any architecture, our invisible grilles provide unobstructed views while ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

2. Metal Furniture Products

Discover a world of elegance and comfort with Grillex’s range of metal furniture. Crafted with precision and designed to perfection, our furniture pieces adorn spaces and elevate them, blending functionality with aesthetics seamlessly.

3. Metal Railing Products

Enhance the safety and beauty of your spaces with Grillex’s meticulously crafted metal railings. Whether it’s for residential or commercial settings, our railings exude sophistication while providing the necessary security and support.

4. Metal Partitions Products

Transform interiors with Grillex’s versatile metal partitions. Offering privacy without compromising on openness, our partitions add a touch of modernity to any space, be it offices, homes, or commercial establishments.

5. PVD Coated Metal Grilles

Experience the pinnacle of durability and style with Grillex’s PVD-coated grills. Engineered to withstand the harshest environments while retaining their luster, our PVD-coated grills redefine longevity and aesthetics in metalware.

6. Metal Pergolas

Create captivating outdoor spaces with Grillex’s exquisite European motorized pergolas. Crafted with precision and designed to withstand the elements, our pergolas provide the perfect blend of shade and style, transforming any outdoor area into a sanctuary of relaxation.

7. Metal Awnings & Screens

Shield your spaces from the elements with Grillex’s durable awnings and screens. Whether it’s sun, rain, or wind, our awnings and screens offer protection without compromising on style, enhancing the functionality of any outdoor area.


In a city that thrives on diversity, Grillex offers metal products that cater to every budget. Ensuring that quality remains accessible to all, Grillex strikes the perfect balance between affordability and excellence. As Kolkata continues to evolve, Grillex stands as a beacon of reliability, offering metal products that enrich lives and spaces alike. Experience the difference with Grillex—the epitome of quality in Kolkata’s metalware landscape.

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