About INVISIBLE GRILL Technology

The Invisible Grills concept originated from Europe in the late 1990s. The system underwent many rounds of modifications and improvements through the years to arrive at the current design. GRILLEX provides leading-edge Invisible Grills technology for balcony and windows to the Residential and Commercial High Rise buildings.

Our Vision

We want to see customers that were satisfied with the professional services that we offer. Using our products, our customer will have well-ventilated, secure, and aesthetically beautiful grilles you’re everyone’s homes. These house essentials are our niche, and we will continue to be a leader in the industry.

Our Mission

A professional company like our is keen on providing quality window grill products and pairing them with excellent services. All our projects help our customers with their needs whether it’s a window, door, or gate and we happily deliver the service each time.

The mission of our company is to be the best invisible grill contractor that thousands of Indians rely on. And hopefully, with the direction we’re going, we will be in the future. We are setting goals to be the number one company in our space.


Legate has deep expertise in supplying and installation of invisible grilles, window grilles, gates, blinds, turf carpets, louvres, and the latest addition to our extensive range of products, our Smart Home solutions.

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