Embrace Outdoor Comfort with European Motorised Pergola

Transform your outdoor living experience with our latest innovation – the European Motorised Pergola. Elevate your lifestyle by seamlessly blending modern design with cutting-edge technology, offering a unique style, comfort, and functionality combination.


  • Wired Material: Utilizing high-grade stainless steel (316 Grade) for unmatched durability.
  • Channel Material: Aluminium Powder Coated, ensuring longevity and a sleek aesthetic.
  • Wire Thickness: Ranging from 2 to 3 mm, enhancing the overall strength and resilience.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Weatherproof and rust-resistant, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.
  • Custom Sizing: Tailored solutions are available for all window types, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Maintenance: Effortlessly clean and maintain your pergola, preserving its pristine appearance.

European Motorised Pergola

Designs of Pergola 

The utility of Pergolas has become very significant in the urban lifestyle since they help to give houses a stylish outlook while making them more space-worthy. Adaptable features of the pergolas make them more useful while enhancing the quality of life in urban setups. As we, Grillex, provide reliable pergola designs For the extensive utility of your outyard space, we tend to make these designs more compact and easy to maintain.  Innovation for the pergola design wall has been introduced which provides high-quality security in urban houses. 

Utility factors of pergolas 

Wired material 

High-grade stainless steel (316 Grade) makes our manufacturing quality more durable and trustworthy for even pergolas with roofs. The wired material of the European motorized pergola is one of the most effective designs that can provide comfort and convenience to you all at once. Resistance against corrosion helps to increase the longevity of these designs while giving them a sleek look for house pergola designs. 

Channel material 

Aluminum powder-coated material is used for channeling our pergola designs which gives it a more desirable look. Since we tend to focus on our designs and quality, maintaining the durability of the products with proper materials is our prime concern. This makes pergola design for balconies more durable while increasing the stability of the structures. 

Wire thickness 

Our pergola designs have been depicted with mostly 2 to 3 mm thickness which adds up to robust structural integrity, it also ensures strength in a sense of security for you. This combination of height and steel enhances the quality of our pergolas, it also makes the pergolas more elegant in design. 

Corrosion resistance 

Features of customization help to bring designs with a waterproof system that helps to increase the quality of your experience with these products like pergola designs with roofs. Providing proper colored coating along with the structure of stainless steel makes it more reliable and comforting for people of every age. Aesthetic garden pergola designs with no impact of the outside weather are the best quality of our pergolas which also increases the structured integrity of the designs.

Custom sizing 

To make the pergolas more useful, we provide customization options for different sizing of the whole structure of the modern pergola ideas while taking proper measurements with expert guidelines to provide the best fits for your property. 


Easy maintenance helps to make the pergola designs more accurate for your property while giving it the strength of a metallic base. As regular maintenance includes a daily cleaning routine, our designs are built for low maintenance while preserving the pristine appearance with high-quality strength in our modern pergola ideas.  

Versatility in applications 


Variations of designs are available for sleek pergola ideas in our collection that are reliable for urban balconies with thin spaces. Glass pergola has become another style of aesthetics that enhances the overall appearance of the house, giving it a touch of sophistication. Designs for terrace pergola are also another attraction that has made Grillex the very best at its manufacturing. Designs for pergolas with glass roofs have become more susceptible to elegance like skylights while giving a tender look to the house. 


Pergola frames for windows are also another attraction that we provide which has made our products more desirable. Functioning pergola glass design for window frames provides you with a balance of strength and security along with the unique styling of your house. 


Designs for unique frames of staircases are made by us which are the most reliable designs in Kolkata. These designs make our experience with you more intricate since the customized sizes make it exciting and unique in looks. The looks of terrace pergola designs make the attributes of proper metal construction of the structures more elegant and useful at the same time. 


Advanced railing designs are produced by us that enhance the look of your surroundings while giving you uncompromising security with a unique style. The ultra-modern pergola designs involve advanced structural engineering that is reliable for every kind of use with appropriate customization.  

Smart features of designed pergolas 

Motorized functionality 

Smart functions with inbuilt technological equipment enhance the utility of the pergolas while increasing the viability of such uses of grilles. Adjusting qualities to the motorized pergola have made these the best kind for every weather usage which increases its durability alongside the strength in materials. Motorized pergola cost is quite sustainable with us since we make our products with proper integrity while giving you top-class experiences. 

Adaptable design 

Seamless designs with effective functioning are provided with our pergolas that are nature-friendly and ensure complementary looks to your house. Enhancement of aesthetics provides houses a unique approach which makes us the best pergola manufacturer in Kolkata. Advanced inbuilt features for wall pergola design make its integration in houses more sleek, as it increases the aesthetic value of the whole structure. Designs of metal pergola are also very reliable which has given us the market of a proper pergola manufacturer in Kolkata. 

Remote controlled  

Controlling features with remotes make these pergolas more durable for their purposes like pergola design for terraces, giving you the agility to make it adjacent to your outside environment. Advanced technology of pergola design for front elevation pergola, is mostly used for these pergolas as it enhances the quality of the houses while providing an aesthetic look to the whole building. Modern techniques for pergola elevation have become a trend in our modern products, making them more urban-friendly and durable altogether. 

Wooden structures for vintage looks  

Designs for pergola with roof and sides have become a trend for wooden pergola structures which gives a vintage look to the construction. Wooden pergola designs for urban construction make the attributes of these manufacturing more susceptible for us since it helps to satisfy our most reliable users. Pergola shade ideas help to enhance the quality of the structures since they give an elegant outcome to the construction.

Other structural bases for balcony pergola have been introduced here along with glass pergola design. On the other side, the steel pergola design makes the structures sleeker in looks while enhancing their durability further. Vertical pergola designs for flat-based structures are also provided here which makes our services complete for our users in many senses.