The Modern Way to Protect Your Loved Ones

Introducing our revolutionary Invisible Window Grill, designed to offer unparalleled security without obstructing your beautiful views. This cutting-edge grill is crafted with precision to blend seamlessly with your windows, making it virtually undetectable from a distance. Safeguard your home or office while enjoying uninterrupted panoramas and abundant natural light.


  • Material:
    Wired Material: High-grade stainless steel (316 Grade)
    Channel Material: Aluminium Powder Coated
  • Wire Thickness: 2 to 3 mm for enhanced durability
  • Corrosion Resistance: Weatherproof and rust-resistant
  • Custom Sizing: Available for all window types
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain
  • Uses: Balcony, Windows, Staircase and Railing

Invisible Grill Gallery



Modern trends have integrated invisible grills into our daily lives. Grillex offers them at a reasonable rate. As we provide the best quality stainless steel for manufacturing invisible grille, it helps you to give dream looks to your house. As this type of grill gives your home a sleek look with aesthetic value, it makes your urban life more comforting.

Grillex Invisible grilles 

Grillex has the infrastructure for making standard-quality invisible grilles. Thus, helps you to experience the best of urban lifestyle in current times. We manufacture grilles for various purposes while making your home safe and secure with aesthetic looks. Invisible grills for balconies have become a market sensation since they give the small space areas for balconies in urban flats a wider look. Urban buildings and their structures are mostly modeled for less space and more utility, which becomes convenient with invisible grilles. As our products are made of high-tension steel materials, it makes open spaces more convenient. Our efficiency for invisible grill material resources is very reliable since we provide good quality metal for the manufacturing of these grilles. 

We provide grilles for various usages, like balconies, windows, internal partitions, grilles for pergola designs, and many more. Our designs for balcony invisible grilles are very reliable in the market, which has made our services more popular in urban communities. Our invisible grill for balcony designs is based on modern styles, which helps us to give you a safer yet aesthetically pleasing place to live. With our expert guidance, the manufacturing of customizable products has become more reliable. The demand for invisible grills for windows is also increasing. 

Extensive build quality

Our manufacturing resources are dedicated to giving you the best quality of products. As we build high-quality extension cables for the invisible grills, We use the best quality metal for the compression of the final products. This process of manufacturing requires expert planning and execution for developing the estimated products while we get to give you a chance to live with the comfort of the invisible grille. Invisible balcony grills and windows are in most demand in the market, as we tend to provide you with the required products with better prominence. 

Providing extensive quality materials with 316 marine-grade stainless steel for invisible grilles has made us very renowned as an invisible grill manufacturer. The setups of invisible window grills are also available at our outlets as we provide you the options for customization to reach your preferences. The structures of the invisible grille price depend on many aspects like materials, and estimated areas. With high-quality invisible grilles, our production cost becomes more affordable and safe for your home. 

Utility of Invisible grill in urban setups 

High-quality invisible grilles provide better safety as these materials can hold up to heavy weights with ease due to their build quality. Manufacturing high-tension cables for particularly measured areas requires expertise in the aspects of production management which is maintained by us. For extensive quality for the invisible grill in Kolkata, we choose reliable quality production methods that are guided by our expert manufacturers. Through high-quality cable extensions, invisible grill windows along with balconies and railings have been developed here, as it helps you to have,

  • Spacious and more open areas in small or medium flats. 
  • Extensive safety features with higher aesthetic value.
  • Less maintenance costs due to metal binding and PVC coating.
  • No issues of rust or decadence, and no impact of weather changes.
  • Long-lasting services with high-quality security for open spaces in urban setups. 

Benefits of the Invisible Grille

Modern designs for the installments of invisible grilles are evaluated by expert engineers and manufacturing guidance, which helps us to give you the best services as an invisible grill manufacturer in Kolkata. Various benefits are identified that make the experience of installing invisible grilles more viable for our urban users. 

Proper invisibility with higher safety 

High extension cables make safety the most precious priority as the manufacturing of invisible grilles becomes more susceptible with proper strategic planning. This material is authentically invisible due to its thin-looking composition which makes it special. Demands for invisible grill Kolkata have increased with such attributes of the products since these are very affordable while giving the luxurious feel of spacious balconies or windows in urban setups. 

Fire safety 

This type of grill is easy to cut open in cases of emergencies, as these are high-tension cables which makes safety measures more compatible in congested urban setups. 

Convenient and aesthetically pleasing

Aesthetically pleasing materials for balconies and windows are the most reliable products as they provide higher safety with a sleek look to the apartments. 

Easy installation and removal process 

The procedures of installing invisible grilles and removing them when necessary are very convenient which makes your experience more satisfying and less worrisome. 


This type of grill manufacturing has allowed us to serve you with extensive, convenient, affordable, high-quality materials. As the safety measures of the invisible grilles are the most reliable in the urban era, it helps to make an apartment more homelike with a vast and open view to the outside. Giving you the best experience for your home makes us more successful in our attempts at innovative production.

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