Stylish and Durable Metal Furniture for Every Space

Discover the perfect fusion of style and functionality with our Urban Chic Collection of Metal Furniture. Whether you seek modern minimalism or industrial aesthetics, these contemporary pieces are crafted to redefine your interior spaces. From sleek coffee tables to elegant bookshelves, our Metal Furniture adds a touch of sophistication to any room.


  • Materials: Combination of PVD coated stainless steel and others
  • Design: Sleek and minimalistic, ideal for modern interiors
  • Versatility: Wide range of furniture for living, dining, and bedroom
  • Finishes: Brushed, Gold Rose Gold and Chrome color options
  • Customization: Tailored options available to match your decor
  • Durability: Sturdy construction for long-lasting use
  • Space-saving: Compact designs for urban living
  • Assembly: Easy-to-follow instructions for quick setup

Metal Furniture 

The furniture we create has variations, making our designs and styles more aesthetic. In the urban society, we, Grillex, are one of the best metal furniture manufacturers in Kolkata. Our services for manufacturing with the best infrastructure have made our products the most desired in the market. We tend to take your choices and build quality products with our materials which are affordable and stylish all at once. 


We provide the best combination of materials that makes our products very resilient and comfortable for daily use. PVD-coated stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials are used for the metal furniture designs. We also provide iron metal furniture since we make the best quality furniture for you with expert designs and urban styling.  


Minimalistic designs with reliable built quality are provided by us since we make our materials very attractive and sleek. Modern designs for urban modular interiors and metal art furniture are introduced in our variations, as we also provide customization options depending on your preferences. 


Various prices and designs are available here with us, making our modern furniture more ecstatic than the other manufacturers in the market. We make furniture for every purpose, such as for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and many more. 


We provide the best finishes for the final products with proper brushing, and coloring options like gold, rose gold, and chrome colors. Proper finishing for every angle of the furniture is examined here by us, making them more reliable with metal furniture legs. 


Options for tailor-made designs are available here to match your home decor while giving you an aesthetic look. Metal outdoor furniture designs are very durable and made by us since we make them as per your choices. As our products have made us a very reliable manufacturer in Kolkata, it helps to enhance the customization options with different urban outlooks inspired by international designs. 


High-level construction quality is provided here with us since our range of metal outdoor furniture makes our products more aesthetically pleasing. Becoming the most authentic manufacturer in Kolkata has been our reputation for a long time for our long-lasting products and best quality metal. 


Designs with compact style help the products to become more worthy for urban living which increases the utilization of the furniture. Best designs of metal furniture online have been introduced to us, making our innovation more intriguing and attractive for urban setups. 

Perfect assembly  

Instructions for setup of the furniture are straightforward to follow while they tend to make the process of assembling more active and quick. Better assembly qualities are acquired since it increases the durability of the products while proving the advantages. 


Metal furniture is more reliable in the urban setting as its durability is higher than wooden furniture. 

  • The durable quality of metal prevents the furniture from rusting and any other kind of wooden tempering that reduces its longevity. 
  • The quality of taking less space has made our attribute more desirable in modern times.
  • The capacity of moving them is more efficient as it is lighter in weight than wooden furniture which also makes it available for our online services. 
  • The quality of wood and metal furniture depends on the attributes of design and measurements of the parts which helps to bring sustainably assembled furniture to you. 
  • As the concept of metal wood furniture is also evaluated here, we still make the products primarily metal-based due to their longevity. 
  • We make the furniture fireproof, and waterproof, increasing their durability, while omitting the chances of pest attacks like wooden furniture. 

Simplicity of metal vs. wooden furniture

 As our attributes of metal manufacturers helped us to create and provide high-quality designs for metal products with proper customization options, the reliability of maintenance for this type of furniture is enhanced significantly. 

  • Metal-made furniture is more durable and safer than wooden furniture since metal does not require to be maintained regularly. 
  • The functionality of metal furniture is quite high as these products are easy to mend and modify. 
  • Nature-friendly qualities of metal-based products have made them more popular in modern times, increasing their usage.
  • Pesticide attacks have been prevented for metal-made furniture since it is very low maintenance and completely prone to any external influence in the weather, like excessive moisture, humidity, or even dust. 
  • Relaxation of customization depends on simple metal designs as it does not require any complex process to customize it as per your choices. 


Metal-based products are very reliable since these are affordable and easy to maintain with modern designs which have made us one of the best metal furniture manufacturers. Since these products are created with metals, it is mostly priced on their weight, while adding up the required charges for the manufacturing labor. As our attributes have made us the most renowned metal furniture manufacturer in Kolkata, it has built a valuable reputation for our products and their durability in the market. Mostly, this is the most appropriate collaboration for urban living setups, which indicates the longevity of the products while making them aesthetically fit in crowded neighborhoods. 


We have a Gallery provided on our website that shows the modern designs of metal furniture, making our building attributes more fundamental and reliable for you. As we also provide the services online, it helps to bring forth potential customers from the market. Moreover, our designs are the most durable due to our undivided dedication towards production and innovation while giving affordable services to you. 

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