Professional Invisible Grill Installation

Professional Invisible grill installation


Do you want to get an uninterrupted clear view from your balcony and window? At the same time, worry about the safety of your child and pet? Don’t be worried. Grillex offers you professional invisible grill installation so that you can get a fuss-free aesthetic balcony and window view with proper security. Invisible grill blends with your window seamlessly and is undetectable from a distance. It works as a safeguard and allows you to get a clear panorama and abundant natural light. Grillex launched Professional Invisible Grill installation, a modern and innovative safety solution that has gained popularity in home and commercial security. Invisible grills are made of high-strength materials such as stainless-steel wire or aluminum frame and transparent nylon-coated wire. This extraordinary combination permits you to enjoy the natural beauty without compromising the security. 

 Reasons behind the popularity of transparent grills: 


Everyone wants to reinvent their balcony with extraordinary design. At the same time, we should remember safety. So Grillex introduced the invisible grill, which enhances the security of your littles without blocking the city’s panorama. Invisible grill windows allow you to get the first sunlight in your room. It comprises highly strong materials such as stainless steel or aluminum wire and transparent nylon-coated wire. Invisible grill windows permit you to feel the clear sky view along with safety. Kolkata is the city of natural beauty. Kolkata gives you a chance to enjoy the proper sunny weather, monsoon view, and winter warmth. Invisible Grill Kolkata allows you to enjoy Kolkata’s environment.    

 Uninterrupted view:

Grillex always satisfies their clients. They introduced a product which will surprise you with its facility for sure. Invisible grill windows allow you to get an unobstructed city view while you enjoy your bed tea. Invisible grill for balcony lightened your space with natural light. It never takes away your balcony space. Transparent nylon-coated wire and aluminum framed invisible grill window offer a modern and sleek look that complements the visual appeal of your home. Invisible grill for balcony allows you to get a sun kissed photo for your Instagram story. In winter, you can relax on your cozy chair and enjoy the oranges. Invisible grill for balcony will give this kind of luxury. 


In Kolkata, we experience the diversity in climate. Kolkata being a megacity, the weather is so harsh. In that case, grillex designed an invisible grill window with high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials so that they can withstand harsh weather conditions. Invisible grill windows live long and low maintenance. 

 Easy maintenance:

Invisible grill for balcony is made of corrosion- resistant material. It can withstand harsh weather. Invisible grill windows need only clean wipe with damp cloth. Never ever use any harsh chemical. It may damage the transparent coating of the grill. 


Did you buy a home recently? Are you worried about how to design your balcony? don’t worry. Grillex proposed you to reinvent your cozy balcony with our newly launched product invisible grill for a new house. We provide customized invisible grill for new house as per client desire. Your balcony can be in any shape, we design an invisible grill for balcony as per balcony size. 

Cost- effective:

Invisible grill may be costly while installation as per balcony size and customizing design and use of materials. But it has low maintenance due to use of corrosion resistant material. For cleaning, use only damp cloth. Don’t use any chemicals. Invisible grill for new house have a long life. You do not need to change the invisible grill. So that you can save both your money and time. 



Invisible grills have become a favored choice for homeowners, architects, and property developers looking to balance security and aesthetics. Their sleek design, durability, and innovative safety features have made them a contemporary solution for enhancing the Safety of homes and commercial spaces without compromising style.Grillex provide professional invisible grill installations that enhance the glory of your open space like balcony window and terrace.